FISHNETSTOCKINGS was created with the help of the Motion and Media Across Disciplines Lab (MMADLab) at University of Minnesota Duluth

Collaborative Crew:

Installation, Digital Art and Videos : Joellyn Rock
Papercuts and Patterns by Contributing Artists:
Alison Aune, Kirsten Aune, Justin Anderson, Deborah Mersky

Code and Programing: Pete Willemsen, Logan Sales
Tech and Installation Support: Lisa Fitzpatrick, Mark Fitzpatrick, Justin Anderson
Text Contributions / Twitter Feed: Cathy Podeszwa, Kathleen Roberts, Rob Wittig, Chrystal Pelky, Claire Kirch, Mark Marino, Christa Schulz, Jean Sramek, Jeremy Hight, Joellyn Rock, Lisa Fitzpatrick, and many others (including YOU on twitter)
Music: Video soundtrack music came to us via the generous Bob Duskis at Six Degrees Records See track list here
Additional original tracks were created by Tobin Dack and Jay Sivak. 
The live DJ mix at Lydgalleriet opening provided by Simon Optiz. Thanks to all the musicians for the use of their work in the project.

Video Performances: Linnéa Ilene Hinkel, Mary Rebekah Myers, Henriette Söderlind, Theresa Koenig, Kaity Hagen, Rob Wittig, Cathy Podeszwa

Live Mermaid Dancers: Linnéa Ilene Hinkel, Mary Rebekah Myers, Henriette Söderlind


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Friday April 15, 2016 > Motion + Media Research Symposium at UMD